Hurricane Litigation

As we in South Louisiana know, all too well, hurricanes can leave mass destruction in their wake. Insurance companies are known to add to businesses and homeowners' stress be devaluing their claims after these catastrophic events. The Law Office of Andrew R. Schwing, can assess the value of your claim and act as an advocate on your behalf to insure you are compensated the true value of your damages.


Important Papers: Always have your insurance policies, financial documents other important documents stored where they will not be damaged.

Document Potential Damages: It is recommended that you take before and after photographs of your property.

Keep Receipts: Receipts for furnishings, business equipment, and inventory are important to have readily available.

Keep Electronic File: Should your home flood it may be important to have your insurance policy, inventoried items, photographs, etc. readily available on a computer.

We also handle property claims for your business and homes related fire damage, damages to the structure, water damage, and mold damage.

If you are in need of a Property Damage Attorney please contact our office.